Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Release the paintings

I have created this blog in order to focus just on the fresco paintings that I make in my small studio here below the coal-tip on the side of a welsh hill.

The work shown is currently for sale and if you like any of the work you can contact me via this blogsite or by email. I make affordable art not because I am an amateur but because I truly believe if you love a piece of original art you should be able to buy it. I do have to cover cost of materials, time and postage.

I have been painting for over 30 years. I have a degree in Fine Art and have work in private collections. I do not make prints as they don't reflect the true nature of fresco - the surfaces are etched and carved in some cases.

I love the natural world and believe it speaks to us. I think we can learn a lot about ourselves by just contemplating this world we are part of. I believe nature has a spiritual element. My main subject matter is landscape, gardens, flora and fauna and how we relate to them. I also paint portraits.

I use plaster because of its sculptural quality - and its light quality. The consequent paintings are much heavier than paintings on paper or canvas and require box frames.

I enjoy the process of creating a fresco , it involves jeopardy and happy accident. Pigment locks into the surface - and can be run into etched lines or can be scraped after application to produce various effects - it feels akin to sculpting with paint.

There is a story behind each image and this is as important to me as the final work

To open this blog I'll show you this painting of Ulswater in the Lake District. We visited this lake after a walk down the fell. The sun was out but as we sat there and I started sketching, the clouds rolled in and it just started raining - that combination of dark and light, the scudding clouds made me feel so alive. The full title is : Broad cross east from west,rain Ullswater . The broad cross relates to the irregular shape of the plaster which I decided to keep - because it shows what it is made of - gives it its weight and sculptural quality, but for me it also speaks of the vastness of freedom.

12x12" £105



  1. Good to see you putting your work out there. And in such an open hearted way.