Sunday, 25 October 2015

Three watercolours on paper - a departure

I normally regard my sketches as roughs and not really as finished work. I have always used watercolour and watercolour pencil with biro - yes horror of horrors - biro -to make on the spot sketches. I KNOW THERE ARE RULES ABOUT WATERCOLOUR AND INK - and for good reason you should use proper drawing ink because biro is not fade resistant. BUT I am a fool. I like immediacy and scribbling and flow.

If the resulting drawings are framed and kept out of direct light they last for years.

I usually translate these sketches into plaster - but they do have an immediacy which I like.

Someone commented at my last exhibition in Sept that my style is very 1920's - 30's . I was not fully conscious of this but I am inspired by the art produced in Britain around that time. I place them here as work in their own right.

Rosebay Willow Herb above Newport

Sunset from Carn Ingli 

Sentinels Nant y Rhydyn 

If anyone wants any of the paintings shown in these blog posts, please comment, and if you are on Facebook or Twitter I can direct message you. @paul_steer

Paul - in all sincerity

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