Saturday, 3 October 2015

Why plaster ?

As I contemplate another fresco - from a sketch made in May near Coniston, I thought I would post some images from work made from a few years ago up to the present day.

I make these paintings because they connect me viscerally to the physical world around us. I still believe there is a mystery in the way we live within our own mind, and sometimes what we live in and among can almost seem unreal and disconnected or hardly noticed. We edit out so much.

Mark making is visceral it connects hand to mind, plaster allows for scratching etching and drawing - as well as absorbing pigment.

Artists edit out marks which are unnecessary and emphasise those that are - this is a delicate process and one which I wrestle with when making a painting. Some of this work is illustrative - but my preference is for more expressive work - these are akin to a sculptural frieze rather than a flat painting - but that is in my own crazy mind.

Cat on a welsh blanket - plaster on wood. p.o.a

Speckled wood - sold

Pembrokeshire coastal path 8"x 8" £45

Sometimes black as coal - the Upper Swansea Valley  18"X 18" £65

Portrait of the artist as an old dog - n.f.s

Skipper on scabious 4"x 4" £30

Small tortoiseshell 4"x 4" £30

Dark green fritillary 4"x 4" £30

Seeing is a complex sense.


ps thanks to for the photos from 2012

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