Tuesday, 5 April 2016


I have delivered my fresco of the RHS Wisley plant trial display of last Autumn.
I am very honoured to know that it now resides in the office of the man who instigates the trials and displays along with his team.

Delivering is fraught with danger not least because the work is as fragile as my self esteem. The paintings have to be well protected on their journey to their owner, but I still feel vulnerable !

This time the recipient was delighted - what made it extra special was his memory of the planting out of the seeds that produced the pumpkins and squash on the display. He remembers each variety and though the fruits do not last - the painting should last for many years if looked after.

I have now completed the fresco of my garden in its frosty Winter coating - in early morning light.

Not sure if this will find a home - so its been delivered to the studio wall for now.
If you would like to see it you can during Arts in the Tawe Valley week in June - for details click on the link :artsinthetawevalley.com


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