Thursday, 26 May 2016

The past and the present of May

I have been quietly busy over these last few weeks - not being a full-time artist in the sense of each day being entirely art focussed - I have to fit in any making in the spaces I have available. I am not complaining however, because I have gained much from meeting so many people in my other life as a nurse.

This month of May has been a very enjoyable one.

On the 7th May I had the opportunity to show work at Dyffryn House Gardens. I honestly thought I would gender little interest in my work because I was exhibiting with experts in the field of orchids - with growers and exhibitors. Polly O'Leary an accomplished botanical artist was also there - and her work blends seamlessly with the plants on display.

But to my surprise several people took an interest and we shared common thoughts on the landscape on plants and the beauty of the natural world.

I met Professor Curtis poet and art reviewer who genuinely seemed to appreciate my work, and a stained glass artist who seemed shy about the possibility of showing her work and who bought a landscape that I hope will sing its song to her. I also sold my common blue butterfly and marsh orchid painting, a second Cumbrian landscape to one of the staff and a comma butterfly to a person who loves butterflies. I also have a commission for 2 paintings, one each of a fragrant orchid and a pyramidal orchid.

Currently I am in the process of getting my studio ready for opening in the beginning of June with Arts in the Tawe

I will have to produce quite a bit of new work to fill the gaps - so I will work on the commissions and have some ideas from my stay in Pembrokeshire for a new series of frescoes.


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