Saturday, 16 July 2016

After Art Week - A quiet revolution

I look at my paintings and sometimes think they are shallow. Today I watched a video of the latest Tate exhibition of the work of Georgia O'Keeffe. Her landscapes have such depth to them that they have an ability to draw you in like a vortex ( as Alistair Sooke so eloquently put it.)

For a two dimensional medium to do this takes great skill.

I love sculptural form - but am not a sculptor. I sense the solidity of things. I strive to get integrity into my work. I search for form with paint and scratching into the plaster surface.

My work is not large and bold, but quiet - perhaps I need to be louder.

I have completed a painting on the random pour - it is taken from a sketch done from a cottage next to a stream pounding down a hill. The cottage is called -Nantyblodaubach.

I sat there in the evening sun listening to the stream pouring over stones in its gully down to the sea, in front of it a low wall was planted with aquilegia, early species tulips which were dying back, and valerian and aster.

The dying and opening of flowers a metaphor for life and death. the continuing cycle. Blossoming in the sun, attracting pollination, then fading.

I'm still searching for depth.


Monday, 4 July 2016

Random casting - wild pour

A day of random plaster casting.

One commissioned fresco - the plaster poured into a frame ready for an illustrative fragrant orchid with pollinator. The first of the two completed, this is the partner to the pyramidal orchid.

I like the random shape of my Craig-Y-Nos verbascum - so I poured the left over plaster to make the shape it wanted - ready for the larger painting of aquilegia.

We cast ourselves off into the coalfield and walked the dog under turbines and pylons.

We came across a Monet pond with reeds and waterlilies, marsh orchids and birdsfoot trefoil, grasses and dark clouds.

All this integrity and beauty on the doorstep.
The terraces and the coal tips
Seven Sisters.

The rain was pouring and the wildness got into my soul.