Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Carving mountains

Thoughts from the studio

All mindless is the stuff of life
The things I fill the time with
The anger and the internet
The quality of the service

So divorced am I
From the purpose of living
To work
To gather
To toil under the sun
That my mind drifts to Facebook pages
One after the other

But I look up
And see the blue and cumulus sky
The contrasts of the turning foliage
That unmasks the lie that I am living

Oh garden
Oh flowers of the field
Do not awaken this fool from his dreaming

I hear the raven and its wings
I see a wool carder on scabious
And a tortoiseshell
Not now so numerous

I carve a mountain with my hand
And my eyes walk along its ridge
I lift the sky
And lower cloud
And bring it to its conclusion

O fool of fools
O cheating heart
That steals from God's loving arms
His time
His purpose
His forgiveness


The new works will be displayed along with the associated writings at Cafe Chameleon Ystradgynlais from Oct 4th

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


I have just completed a second version of oak swirl. The first was sold at the National Botanic Garden of Wales Orchid Show.

Thank you for buying it.

I have made another version because I wanted to explore its meaning a little further.

When I made the fist painting - it was based on a swirl of leaves and oak galls on a topiary oak in my garden. In making the painting I confess I saw sexuality in its forms. This got me thinking about my own sexuality and the power of the sexual drive within us. This is something that has challenged me all my life - and instead of diminishing as I thought it would - it remains the same - and thereby causes me trouble of mind.

Now if this is too much information - please could you forgive me - but it is something I wish to deal with - and writing this helps.

This second version is more overt - It reminds me of the Biblical story of the beginning of our troubles - that of Adam and Eve and the drive to know not just good but also evil - to have the same knowledge as God - trouble is knowing both - experiencing both - being both is the curse !

Now I do not believe that sexual pleasure is evil - not by any means - but if it is pursued in a selfish way without love and tenderness and respect for the other soul then it becomes empty in my view. That is all good you may say but what about its powerful drive - well therein lies the struggle, and I am sure I will struggle with it for a while yet.

I hope this explains the painting - so no it is not just about oak leaves !

PS - The oak gall wasp is a stand in for the serpent - the sting - the fly in the ointment.

The heavenly and the earthly

This burning yearning comes and goes.
In its last throes
It convulses repulses and dies.

The curse is our knowledge
Carnal and spiritual
The two entwined in an earthly struggle.

Find love and the curse dies.