Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Sense of place

I have continued experimenting drawing with plaster on paper - using a brush to spread the wet plaster over thick paper and then using

an engraving tool to draw into it whilst in its cheese stage.

I have used my sketch book diaries as source material and tried to recreate a sense of place. One of the places which resonates history and a grounded spirituality is Newport in Pembrokeshire.

Here I have attempted to capture the connection between the ethereal and the natural.

The process is open to accidental effects due to the distortion of the paper but I am looking for a fragility and rawness that the all plaster frescoes do not have.

What do you think ?


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

New works on paper

I have continued to experiment with plaster on paper.

Naturally the paper distorts and the plaster surface can crack but I like the fragility of  the process the jeopardy , the fine line between existing and decaying.

I am revisiting my sketchbooks.

This painting which is 550 mm x 450 mm is of a walk around Dinas Head in Pembrokeshire in May.

I wanted a sense of journey to be apparent.  There is a story that goes along with the image which documents what was seen and felt.

I may do more.


Monday, 12 December 2016

How love can restore a valley

Here is the first work I have made using plaster wash on paper. I hope to enter it for the next www.artsinthetawevalley.com exhibition.

I am excited by the possibilities this technique has opened up , and look forward to experimenting further.

I hope it's not sweet .


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Looking for love

The next opportunity to exhibit will be with www.artsinthetawevalley.com and the theme for the next show is LOVE.

Love has always been a tricky subject for me ...perhaps it is for most of us ? Love is gentle, love is kind; it does not boast.

I am afraid of arousing love in case I break it.

I love the landscape I love the colours in nature, I love the patterns made by shadows on tree bark, I love the river ... but loving another human .... that becomes more complicated because unlike the river we are complicated.

I experience a deep spiritual love for the natural world ...so much so that its beauty sometimes makes me weep. I sense this love in my fellow creatures .. but it feels dangerous.

So how do I express this love, this precipice this sense of something bigger and not in my control ?

I am a foundling - found of Christ - an unpopular thought these days due to all that 'religion' has done to damage the perception of the Son of Man. Like the song says - what if he was one of us ? Now there is a thought ....one of us without the internal mess. What if he was the link to all that is of beauty ?

Sorry people to be so off putting ... but I cannot dump my faith in his rooting.

I have an image in my mind. It came to me whilst standing on the bridge over the River Tawe at Godrergraig. The leaves off the trees were being carried downstream towards the sea, they were being churned in the depths of the river - oranges, reds and golds, they would sink down into the earthen stained water only to rise again.

I did a drawing from memory.

Having recently been moved by the works of Louise Bourgeois in the Hauser and Wirth gallery in Bruton Somerset, moved by their rawness and honesty, I realised how far my work had drifted from this edgy rawness.

I hope to try out some new techniques with plaster on paper. The fact that my work has been described as 'sweet' made me realise how far I have retreated from the edge.