Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Sense of place

I have continued experimenting drawing with plaster on paper - using a brush to spread the wet plaster over thick paper and then using

an engraving tool to draw into it whilst in its cheese stage.

I have used my sketch book diaries as source material and tried to recreate a sense of place. One of the places which resonates history and a grounded spirituality is Newport in Pembrokeshire.

Here I have attempted to capture the connection between the ethereal and the natural.

The process is open to accidental effects due to the distortion of the paper but I am looking for a fragility and rawness that the all plaster frescoes do not have.

What do you think ?



  1. I was intrigued by your "New Work on Paper" tweet yesterday - wondering how you'd done that with just paper. Now your secret is revealed I'm even more intrigued. The photograph of your willow herb shows (probably without doing it justice) a far deeper texture than I suspect anyone would achieve with plaster alone. I wonder how you hit on this technique?

    1. Hi John - I recently visited Hauser and Worth and saw work on paper by Louise Bourgeois. I loved the rawness of her lithographs so came back and played with wet plaster on a large roll of heavy duty paper I inherited from previous owners of this house - it was in the loft ! Meant to be !?