Monday, 23 January 2017

Post Industrial Landscape

I walked with Toff the whippet along the western bank of the River Tawe. It is the first time I have done so - and therefore I had a completely different perspective looking back up the valley towards home.

This is a worked land - much toil and strife and song.

There is something about this carved out land - carved by glaciers and men.

I see its beauty - the beauty and pain of past generations who believed in hard work - whose lives were short but rich in culture.

I try to ignore the plastic cartons - bags and debris dropped in contempt of it.

But this is my land.

I have made a small fresco called : Post Industrial landscape on crumpled paper - in response to the walk.



  1. Can't put my finger on why exactly but fresco+paper+frame somehow make a perfect match.

    1. Yes - perhaps it is the association of internal decorative frescoes on plaster walls - and wallpapers and the fragility of both as they age.