Monday, 9 January 2017

Where to draw the line?

Where do we draw the line - the stop line - the boundary ?

Boundaries have always interested me and as a human animal, creature, accident of biology and evolution or the intention of a creator : IT PUZZLES ME.

We need boundaries in order to have a decent life do we not ? Who sets these boundaries and who gets to take the High Ground in terms of what the boundaries should be?

We all now have an opinion on where they should be set - along various philosophical ideas about what is deemed good or evil.

The President Elect of the USA has been able to squash people with rhetoric and justify it, others in response have called out the need for a form of political correctness based on what ? Shared values of decency ? Are they truly shared .... We are seeing fault lines and our true nature begins to become apparent and it is truly frightening.

I draw - I create marks on paper and in plaster of Paris - I make statements in pigment and line - like all of us who create. There always has to be a boundary. We draw lines.

I know I try to keep what are good laws - do not murder, do not steal, do not cheat, do not defraud your neighbour, help those in need etc - and they will never lose their importance because they are fundamentally right and keep us on a path that brings help not harm, but we struggle to stay within the boundaries, in fact I kick against them sometimes like a toddler that wants HIS WAY.

What is about to happen to us is what we have created, certainly not God or gods.

Love though covers over a multitude of wrongs. If only we could love. In the meantime I continue to love the land we live on.


See for next exhibition - When Love Speaks.

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