Sunday, 12 February 2017

Private passions laid bare

Making paintings and drawings has always been a private activity for me -because it is about my intimate relationship with creation and Creator. I am in no way unique and I would like to stress that there is a seed of eternity in all of us - and we search for a sense of connection through other like - minded people or through the landscape or through sport or craft or so many other ways.

All the rich possibilities are a way of feeling alive in a world where politically and religiously we feel hemmed in and controlled.

Making the process visible to others is like laying yourself open - making yourself vulnerable.

Even if my work does not connect with others I cannot help but make it. When it does connect it is such an amazing a thing - something beyond words. This is why I struggle with the idea of attaching a monetary value to it.

Here I am opening up another look into my studio space this morning. I have worked further on Landscape in Two Parts. After a walk in the biting wind this morning - feeling alive and trying to translate that to paper and plaster.

If you do want to connect with my work - there are some paintings at the Cafe Chameleon in Ystradgynlais - will be coming down soon. Also a few at Oriel lliw in Pontardawe. If you fancy a painting or drawing contact me by email.


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