Sunday, 19 March 2017

Walking the hills, connecting and bearing the soul to light

Light has a disarming effect -it lays me bare and highlights my imperfections.
It does the same to artwork
I need light.

I have been walking the hills, there is a physical and spiritual element to walking, and the beauty and solidity of landscape can have deep and profound effects. The landscape seems to mirror my interior landscape.

The uplands of South Wales have layers of human history carved into them.
I walked the hills above Blaenavon on Wednesday and have written a poem in response to them and what was going on within my own lanscape.

Like a prophecy the Iron hammer pounds my bones to dust.

I cannot hold on to the bright flower of the hills
I have to let go
To let the silver waters glide like glass
Between my fingers - the sharp cold imbolic stream
To let the blonde grasses curl away from me -
To coil and spiral like a distant universe.

I have to let my heart grow colder
The coals to dim
The ember die.

The dream was only ever of stars and heavenly places
The Twrch's imaginings
A contemporary legend.


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