Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Art in gardens

Two gardens

Last week I visited veddw.com and spent a pleasant afternoon in the company of my friend and walking buddy Charles Hawes. Charles along with the garden maker, author and journalist Anne Wareham have made the most amazing garden over many years in the beautiful county of Monmouthshire. I got to know Anne's writing first through her columns in The Telegraph gardening section, then tweeted to her about her book 'The Bad Tempered Gardener' and not long after found myself invited to the garden ! There I also met Charles and a friendship grew.

I tentatively muted to Charles a month or so ago the idea of us doing some kind of project together as he is a garden photographer, it was at this point he suggested that I place some of my work alongside his photography at Veddw.

My intention is to create some paintings of the garden itself - but currently there is some work depicting my garden, and other gardens I have visited hanging with Charles's photography in their small gallery area. Go to the web link above to find opening times of the garden, it is worth the visit, I guarantee you would not have seen a garden like this one in the UK.

Next Saturday I am at www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dyffryn-gardens in the marquee - where there will be a display of beautiful orchids and some original and stunning botanical art by Polly O'Leary and some frescoes by me. I'm still trying to decide which to take though !

Please come along and say hello.


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