Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Still scratching

Hello - not sure if anyone is still out there as it has been a while since I posted on here.

I've been going through a period of doubt and that old chip on the shoulder thing has returned - what if my artwork really isn't any good - perhaps I have nothing valid to say - and fresco is way out dated as a technique or method of producing images. I'm just a small man making small irrelevant pieces of artwork !

See - it's hard to read isn't it ? But I think many artists go through this.

Then I had a lovely response to a commission piece I posted a picture of to the client, and thought what a fool I am.
The piece will be winging its way to its new owner in Australia early next year.

I've also started a new piece based around a poem called ' In(sect) Memorium ' This piece was a response to seeing less insects in my garden ( and in the general environment ) so far this year. It is also 'Insect Week' I discovered today.

I have always been fascinated by insects and have childhood memories of my father's small garden being full of them , from grasshoppers to crickets to dragonflies, moths, butterflies and various species of ant. I collected them and studied them - even made models of them - but now our gardens are getting quieter and our windscreens are less splattered, and I hardly ever see a ladybird or indeed that many greenfly. Along with their decline I have witnessed a decline in what were once common birds, swifts, martins, sparrows, starlings. This year though the absence of insects is much more obvious - is it a result of that late cold spell ?

Here is the painting in its progression.


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